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I am so glad you found my Business and Money Coaching site.  Here are a few questions for you to ponder:

Do you feel overwhelmed by money, business decisions, or the direction your career is going?

Are you interested in developing Financial Self-Care skills and better Boundaries around Money?

Do you want to bust your Limited Beliefs about money wide open and replace them with Self-Confidence and Empowerment?

Does Imposter Syndrome, Self-Sabotage, Scarcity Mentality, Fear, or feeling Stuck nag at you from the inside and get triggered from people and events on the outside?

Do you long to become the best version of yourself at work, in your business, with money, and most importantly with your AUTHENTIC SELF?

My Business background as a CPA and CFO, combined with two decades of experience as a Psychotherapist, places me in a unique position to help YOU address any of the above challenges and help YOU make changes in some important areas of your life: money, career, business, creativity, spirituality. I help people become the leader of their own life!

I specialize in working with therapists, helping professionals, creatives, and entrepreneurs to improve their financial self-care. I would love to work with you in a coaching capacity!

As a solutions-focused coach, my goal is to help you uncover your true potential to become a more effective business owner and the CEO of your life.

During our coaching sessions we will focus on exploring your values and desires, uncovering your mindset, beliefs, and stuck places, setting specific goals, and creating your path forward. Our work will also include practical skill building, increasing your business knowledge, and helping you make concrete measurable actions toward your desired outcomes.

If any of this sounds interesting, I encourage you to reach out for more information about scheduling some coaching sessions with me!

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* Even though I am a licensed counselor, Coaching is different than counseling and therapy.  I will be working with you in a coaching capacity and not providing therapy services. We won’t be giving you a mental health diagnosis, billing your insurance, or focusing on healing past traumas. We will start by seeing where you are at in the present and map out the path for you to create the future you desire. If you are interested in counseling please check out my group practice Bozeman Counseling Center, where you can work with some other amazing therapists.

If you are interested in finding out more about therapy options at Bozeman Counseling Center, please check out our website: https://bozemancounselingcenter.com

"Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?"

- Mary Oliver

I look forward to working with you to achieve your goals!

About Kathryn Bowen

I am passionate about helping people live a more authentic, joyful, and fulfilling life!


Are you boxing yourself in with a fixed mindset about money and limiting beliefs about your
value as a therapist? I was. Even with 25+ successful years as a therapist, supervisor, professor,
and dean, I still struggled with setting the rates and branching into the new venues that my
experience and skills said I could. I’ve always believed passionately in the inherent worth of our
profession, but I was stuck in a financial mindset that kept me playing safe, and at the same time feeling anxious.

Then I started talking shop with Kathryn (Kittie) Bowen. A longtime colleague and friend, she is  now also a trusted business coach and mentor. Kittie challenged me to think bigger and to stop playing small. She reminded me not only of the worth of our profession, but of the value that we therapists bring to the table. We are highly trained and multi-talented professionals who sometimes still get stuck in impostor syndrome. We’re often nervous about branching out and claiming our skills as communicators, relationship builders, problem solvers, and experts in human behavior and to utilize our talents in new ways that allow us to keep helping and
empowering others AND provide for ourselves financially.

Kittie helped me get out of the box I had put myself in that kept me playing small. She’ll help
you get out of your box, too! Kittie will coach you to explore ways that you can more fully
utilize your business skills, feel less stressed and more fulfilled, and most importantly, branch out in ways that are ethical and value aligned. You don’t have to play small to be ethically safe.
I highly recommend Kittie Bowen as a very successful, encouraging, and ethical coach. She
brings her background as a talented CPA, therapist, businesswoman, and relationship builder to the table.

Jill Thorngren, PhD, LCPC
Board Certified Coach