About Kathryn Bowen

About Kathryn Bowen

CPA turned Therapist turned Business Coach…

So, you might be asking, as a lot of people do, “how does a CPA decide to become a therapist and then later decide to become a business coach?”

Well, most importantly, I am passionate about helping people like YOU become more empowered in your life! I believe people have the capacity to make desired changes, break negative patterns, and step into a life of their creation.

If I’ve convinced you right there how much I want to help YOU, read no further, and click the Contact Now button.  But if you are curious about my journey and want a little more info about my background, experience, and philosophy before working with me, read on. Also, many of you know that I also answer to the name “Kittie”, in addition to Kathryn, feel free to use either.

My Background in Bullet Points

Since most of us only read bullet points, here are my bullet points from the last 30 years (yes I’m young at heart and older in years):

  • Graduated with a Business Degree emphasis in Accounting.
  • Became CPA working for CPA firms.
  • Recruited to become a Chief Financial Officer.
  • Burnt-out from Corporate shenanigans.
  • Started my own Small Business(s)
  • Found my own Therapist to work through my Burn-Out and Confusion
  • Decided to go to Grad School for Counseling to help other Burnt-Out, Confused Professionals
  • Successful Private Therapy Practice
  • Launched Successful Group Counseling Practice
  • Started Life, Business Coaching for Other Therapists and Helping Professionals

Other relevant info about me:

  • Mother of Two, Partner to One
  • Daily Meditator, Gardener, Art & Design are my Happy Places
  • Holistic, Spiritual, Realistic-Optimist, Big Heart
  • I love Humor, Vulnerability, and Courage
  • I love working with Therapists, Helping Professionals, Entrepreneurs, Creatives

My Story

If you want more than the bullet points of my life, here is more on how I found myself in this exciting place of wanting to help others find their authentic way through life. Some of my journey has been rocky with lots of learning experiences AND all of it I am so darn grateful for. I am eager to share what I have learned along the way to help others with their stuck places!

When I was a young accounting graduate, becoming a CPA was the optimal route. I became a CPA and worked for a CPA firm doing primarily financial audit services and some tax work. Many times, CPAs will leave public accounting to become a Controller or CFO, this was the route I took. Then after becoming burnt out in the corporate world working as a CFO, I shifted yet again and decided to provide accounting and tax services to a few small businesses. I loved working with local non-profit organizations and small businesses in this capacity.

What I noticed during my time in firms, corporations, non-profits, and small businesses, is that many of the challenges my colleagues and I faced within our organizations, were very similar to what individuals and families struggle with; communication skills, emotional and social intelligence, interpersonal dynamics, self-sabotage, imposter syndrome, etc.  Of course, back then, these names did not exist, but the struggles did.

Through my own counseling experience at that time (to recover from the burn-out and disillusionment), I discovered a passion for all things related to psychology, human development, peak performance, and family and organizational systems. I realized that the challenges I was seeing in the workplace were directly related to matters of self, self-development, and relational intelligence (or lack thereof). And so off I went to grad school at Montana State University to earn a Master’s Degree in Mental Health Counseling, so that I could help professionals like me, figure out what was underneath the burn-out, stress, and frustrations at work and at home.

After grad school I became a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor, started my own private practice, and saw many, many individual clients and couples for years here in Bozeman.  For 15 years my private practice was very successful, and I helped many professionals heal their past traumas, heal negative family dynamics, and develop healthier ways of living.

In 2021, I launched a group practice called Bozeman Counseling Center, where I supervise new clinicians and run the practice. In three short years I was able to grow Bozeman Counseling Center from 2 clinicians to over 12 clinicians, and we are now one of the fastest growing group practices in Bozeman. We are reimagining what a business can become, which includes empowerment, emotional safety, good communication, support, and transparency.

My Insights

What I discovered at the end of my solo counseling practice and while starting the group practice, is that many individuals are ready for additional services and further development beyond what counseling can provide.  And that many people are really needing help in the areas where business and psychology intersect, like exploring their money mindset and getting clear on their values and the “why” of their business or career.

Others are looking to understand how to effectively communicate with their team, build rapport, and create an amazing culture. Also, we are at time post Covid when so many people are also finding ways to recreate themselves and their career trajectory and are looking for career coaching to help them get clarity and develop an action plan.

I also found that many fellow therapists and helping professionals are longing to develop a stronger financial foundation, create financial self-care, and develop greater financial skills for running their practices. There are zero business classes in grad school for therapists, and many therapists secretly struggle with imposter syndrome and fears that keep them up a night about the financial aspects of their chosen career.

My Philosophy and Approach

Through my own challenges and through working with hundreds of clients, I now know that exploring mindset and underlying automatic patterns of thinking, feeling, and behaving, MUST be part of every person’s journey for success in career, with money, in business, and for our own authentic living.

My philosophy is that Business and Money Skill Building alone is not enough, true success comes by engaging holistically in these domains of life. My approach combines self-discovery with skill building and action taking, to help clients built a strong foundation for success in many areas of life.

Whew, thanks for sticking with my story and a bit about my philosophy.  Long story short, now after 15 years as a CPA and 18 years as a therapist, I am combining all my experience to provide coaching to our community.  Now you can click the Contact button if you would like to hear more about how my unique approach can help YOU!

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