Money Coaching

Money Coaching

What in the heck is Money Coaching you ask?

Well let me ask you if you struggle with any of the following:

  • Past money trauma
  • Difficult money memories from childhood
  • Beliefs about money that you inherited from your parents
  • Blind spots about money and how you use it
  • Money Fears
  • Scarcity Mentality
  • Overspending
  • Underspending
  • Belief Money is the Root of all Troubles
  • Financial conflict with loved-ones
  • Lack of Financial Self-Care

You are not alone if you can relate to any of the items listed above. Money is the least talked about AND the most talked about subject there is in our western culture. Money is the thing that is “impolite” to ask friends and family about, yet it is the subject we tend to be the most curious about, stumped by, and tormented because of.

Money coaching can help you explore your Money Personality, Money History, Money Beliefs, and Money Patterns so that you can get clarity on which of these areas are serving you financially and which are holding you back from thriving in the ways you desire.

All individuals, business owners, and entrepreneurs can benefit from Money Coaching because underlying every financial and business decision are belief systems, values, history, and subconscious patterns that can either lead to healthy empowering choices or unhealthy, imbalanced choices.

Our psychology and beliefs around money are intertwined into all aspects of our lives, yet it is the least explored area of our being. Start exploring your Money beliefs, patterns, personality, and traumas and set your self free to make conscious financial choices based on your authentic values and desires.

Set yourself up for financial success by exploring what lies underneath your money patterns and financial choices.

I would love to have you reach out to get more information on working with me in a Money Coaching capacity!